Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Dzidra Dubois, photographer

Hi! I’m Dzidra Dubois, wedding and portrait photographer, based in the Netherlands, Maastricht, shooting portraits and covering weddings in different countries. Also in Latvia, beautiful northern country where I come from. I have been creating visual stories for the last seven years and I do this because I love it.

My photography

Photography is a kind of magic. I love to create images that have everlasting feeling. Images that makes you flooding right back to where it all happened, leaving you with that same warm sense you had at that moment.

Time flies but memories last forever. I love the challenge of catching the time and turning it into touching and timeless photographic moments. My wedding photography is completely tailored to you.

This is YOUR STORY and I’m here just to tell it.

My style

Every wedding and portrait photographer has their own style. Mine is one full of light, love, life and emotions. Fusion of editorial and Fine Art style, mixed up with journalistic wedding photography.

I’ll find the photographic beauty in every part of your wedding, from the early morning as you get ready, to the magnificence of your wedding day with unforgettable ceremony, and into the energy and joy of your wedding party.

I have a good eye for detail and my own particular style of editing too. Colourful, artistic but natural at the same time.

I want to let your day go exactly how you want it to and always strive to make the experience of having me there as friendly, unobtrusive and relaxed photographer. YOUR wedding photographer.

Your wedding day

I love everything about your wedding day. Subtle details of early morning, your excitement with petite touch of insecurity when you are going to say “yes, I do”, the burst of emotions during the wedding ceremony and joyful sparkles of your reception and party.

One of my favourite parts of the wedding photography is the photo session with you, bride and groom. Set aside an hour or little bit more of your wedding day to be away from your guests. The most powerful photos comes out when you are just with you two, somewhere in a beautiful scenery with gorgeous sunset behind or just in some secret place where you promised to love each other for the rest of your life…

I make also a lot of photos with your family and friends on you wedding day, because they are the ones that matter to you. Everything is centred around you and your day. Together we make a collection of images that you will love forever.

... and what's your story?