About me

Welcome, I’m Dzidra Dubois, photographer, retoucher and digital artist. I was born in beautiful northern country Latvia and now I’m based in the Netherlands, Maastricht.

I have a university degree (BArch) in my pocket, graphic and web design skills in my background and awesome expertise in photography.

Me in photography

Everyone has unique experiences, interests, and values that shape their individual purpose and meaning in life. Some people find it through their careers, others through their families, spirituality, or a combination of these things. I found myself in photography. Passion for photography is a deeply enriching and fulfilling pursuit for me. It allows me to capture moments and scenes that inspire me, and to express myself creatively through the art of visual storytelling.

Photography is a kind of magic. I love to create images that have everlasting feeling. Images that makes you flooding right back to where it all happened, leaving you with that same warm sense you had at that moment. I love the challenge of catching the time and turning it into touching and timeless photographic moments.

How I work

I am friendly and relaxed, skilled, hard working and passionate. I have always a keen eye for detail. I have spent countless hours honing my craft and perfecting my skills, and it shows in every photograph I take.

Whether I’m shooting a wedding, a family portrait, or a corporate event, I have a knack for finding the perfect angle and lighting to showcase the true essence of my subjects in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful. I am not content with simply taking a photograph; I strive to tell a story with every shot, emphasising emotion and authenticity.

Why choose me as your photographer

What makes me strong within a huge market of photographers is my ability to combine good artistic vision, practical photography skills and retouching knowledge.

People choose me as their photographer not just for my technical expertise, but for my ability to connect with them on a personal level. I take the time to get to know my clients, to understand their needs and desires, and to work with them to create a unique vision for their photos.

People know they can trust me to deliver stunning, high-quality images that they will cherish for a lifetime. With me behind the camera, they will not only get beautiful photographs, but an experience that is both fun and memorable.

In the end, what sets me apart as a photographer is my passion for my craft and my unwavering commitment to excellence. I am not just a photographer, but an artist, and this is my creativity that makes me stand out.

In my daily life

I find joy and fulfilment in my photographic work, nature, relationships with loved ones, exploring new places through travel and learning about different cultures and ways of life. I love music and always get inspired from valued cinematography and art.

When you are dedicated to photography, you may find that it becomes a central part of your life. I spend hours researching and learning about new techniques, experimenting with different types of equipment and settings, and seeking out new subjects to photograph. I attend workshops or classes, participate in online communities, or collaborate with other photographers to learn from and inspire one another.

Ultimately, the joy of photography comes from the act of capturing a moment or scene that moves you in some way. Whether it’s the beauty of a landscape, the emotion in a portrait, or the energy of a city street, photography allows me to freeze time and make every moment last forever.